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"Was on a girl called Dimple, two years my senior in school. She was in the fifth standard. I had a pretty bad crush, but I never let her know. I'd just adore her from a distance!"

GIRLFRIEND..."Suzanne. I fell in love with her for various reasons."

ADULT MOVIE... "Not fair! You're getting all my secrets out! It was at a friend's place. It was his birthday and one of our friends brought this blue film over. But in the first five minutes we were so embarrassed and disgusted, that we put it off. Besides, his parents were in the next room, so we were really scared!"

KISS..."Too personal to talk about."

HINDI MOVIE..."Must have been my dad's... I don't remember. I first acted in a film called Aap Ke Deewane, which was dad's movie. I had a bit part in a song, got paid three hundred bucks, and bought balloons with it! As a kid, I loved balloons!"

TIME HE WORE LONG PANTS..."It certainly wasn't a great occasion! My mom must have just put them on for me, yaar."

DATE..."I was in the 10th standard, I think. This girl wanted to meet me, so all my friends tagged along to Essel World. I had my first date there, going on various rides!"

DROVE A CAR..."Also while in the 10th. I'd literally hide and drive! I would sit at the wheel, while my driver placed his legs on the accelerator and brake. I began with learning to manoeuvre the car, while the driver would shift the gears and things."

The coolest places you've visited...
"Queen's Town in New Zealand, and Cape Town in South Africa. These are the most beautiful places in the world. They're pure paradise. Queen's Town has everything - the most beautiful lakes, mountains, valleys and even shopping spots. Cape Town has an amazing charm about it, which I can't even begin to describe!"

The song you'd dedicate to your love...
"Oh, I've dedicated thousands of songs to my love!"

Your best feature...
"The fact that I always give people the benefit of doubt."

How do you deal with stress?
"I attack the very thing that is stressing me out."

If your house caught fire and all the people you loved were safe, what would be the one possession you'd go back to retrieve?
"My collection of photographs. They are very precious and I have spent years collecting them. I have a picture for every memory. "

Do you ever go on to the Internet under another name and chat with people? What are the topics?
"For the past six months, I've been too busy to get on to the Net. But I have never chatted on the Net; just surfed it."

Your biggest turn-on and turn-off?
"A smile is the biggest turn-on. Someone trying to create an impression, is a turn-off. Ditto, people who are conscious of their looks and who are always trying to show their best profile. They may be good looking but they are so conscious, that it spoils everything. "

Would you like to be a father one day and if yes, what would you name your kids?
"I can't think of myself as a father right now because I'd really need to have a very different view of the world, compared to my current one. I am very disillusioned with the world right now."

                                                                                                                                                -Cine Blitz






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