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Girl From Canada

Well, she made headlines before.. perhaps not for the best reasons.

Imagine being picked for the corporate role of a terrorist in Dus and then her almost hasty exit. The excuse then was that she was still not ready for films.

Well she's always played it her way. So what makes the latest craze in town Lisa Ray tick, we try and analyze. Perhaps it's the ingredient that make her and I don't mean to make her sound like a tasty pie, though some may disagree.

She's of unusual mixed percentage of a Bengali father and a Canadian Mother. So her upbringing has been a cross between traditional Indian values and a modern outlook.

From a very young age she's been acclaimed as a beauty especially in India which has suddenly become a hot market for Indian looks and firang accent.

But Lisa is not just an empty headed bimbette. She did not want a void career banked only on her looks. So despite the many offers for films and television, Lisa surprisingly opted to promote art, a move that most film wallas found outrageous.

I mean isn't it unthinkable that leaving a proverbial golden goose like Bollywood for something as lacklustre as art or so cynical people say behaved. But Lisa has always done things her way.

She walked out of films without a second thought packed her bag back to Canada or returned back, to Amchi Mumbai.

Surprisingly she's always been besieged with offers. A bitchy model had once commented that models in India had to make a beeline at agencies, butter photographers or wine and dine clients to get assignments . But Lisa Ray steps out of the airport and offers come tumbling in.

Today I love Mumbai. I did not earlier but now it's home, Lisa says. And home is a two bed room flat done up with exotic colors and esoteric furniture, and interior decorators delight.

"I have actually signed two Hindi films replete with masala, songs typical Bollywood fare, "She says with an impish grin. And is she here to stay definitely. "Who knows" she shrugs. So itS hats off to the irrepressible Lisa Ray who believes in living life her way and her way alone.



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