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My Den -- Lisa Ray

This month's ELLE cover announced the return of Lisa Ray to the world of modelling. Missing for a year, the Canadian-Indian burst into the world of glamour, nearly a decade ago, with a sexy ad for Bombay Dyeing -- clad only in a high-cut black swimsuit. Given her ability to look different at every shutter speed, Lisa soon became a favourite with photographers. But modelling has never consumed her and she has dropped it again and again to follow her dreams.

Art has been one such passion that Lisa has pursued -- assiduously. More than a year ago, Nisha Jhamwal and Lisa held an art exhibition to promote new artists. The show was a success and today, the two are trying to make it as art dealers. Which explains why her living room is crowded with canvases.

It also explains why Lisa picks the same room as her favourite part of the house. Home is where the art is for Lisa and here the walls, the floors, the corners are crowded with paintings. "I keep it this way as it gives me a feeling of being surrounded byart," says she.

One side of the room is dominated by a huge mural -- painted all over the wall. "This was done by Nisha," says Lisa. Mainly in hues of blue and green, Lisa has really grown to love the colours. "I have always appreciated art even though I cannot draw. And though I used to like neutral colours, I love this mural and am really enjoying colour now," she says. The influence is evident -- her sofas have vibrant Shyam Ahuja pillows thrown all over them. And her kitchen has been done up in bright colours too.

Shelves occupy whatever empty space there is on the walls. And books and photographs of friends and family from Canada are nestled together. "I love reading, especially the classics and Russian authors," says Lisa




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