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I am adventurous in love

Lgden : - Do you believe in souls?
Lisa Ray : - I think soul is the one true thing we possess and it will remain when all else is gone. In Hinduism we speak of `maya' and even in science. Scientists have acknowledged that everthing we see around us is an illusion, so the only thing that remains is our soul.

Rose : - People love you. Why don't you do something for the soceity, like Aishwarya Rai is doing, campaining for eye donation?
Lisa Ray : - First, thanks for your love and affection and I definitely want do more for society and India, but unfortunately no one has approached me and I hope they read this and approach me now. I hopefully will be doing something related to cancer research in the future and another of my future causes it to raise awareness for spinal cord injuries because my mother has suffered from a spinal cord injury and is confined to a wheelchair. There is so much to be done.

Cool : - What do you like about yourself?
Lisa Ray : - I am a very easy going and positive person. For instance I like solving and attacking problems. Plus I am a very determined person. I can't think of anything else offhand, but I wish I could figure out what other charm I possess which has made all you log in to speak to me. I want to say for the record that I love you all and I need your love and affection. I guess I am just a 'love'ly person.





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